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Performance PhD

I live, breathe and teach performance psychology. I serve on the faculty of JFK University and have worked with hundreds of elite performers.

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Elite Coaching

I help people who are in competitive fields to perform at their best: elite athletes, musicians and business leaders.

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Results-Oriented & Fun

From our very first session, you’ll learn practical skills that you can use immediately. My approach is fun, warm, encouraging and real.

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Bay Area, Phone & Skype

I meet with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and work with people all over the world via Skype.

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Dr. Michelle is a velvet hammer and has the ability to help you pull the best out of yourself and achieve your peak performance…whoever you are and wherever you start. We became fast friends and I am so glad that we are still working out together.


I recently found myself in the terrifying position of discovering I had “open water phobia.” Dr. Michelle gave me practical physical as well as psychological tools. She went above and beyond, offering to go IN the water WITH me to help me, breath by breath and stroke by stroke. Two days later, I did my first blissful one-mile swim in the bay that felt effortless and awesome.