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press playI really think that being present in as many moments as you can really is the key to making change. For example, I am aware in this moment that I am struggling to figure out exactly what I want to say in this blog. Now that I am aware of that I have choices: I can keep writing (which is what I am doing), I can sit here and dwell on the fact that I am not sure what I want to say (OMG I have writers block, what is wrong with me, I need to get this done now, I don’t have time to do it later), I can walk away (and perhaps not do it), I can reflect on some of my experiences lately and see what resonates with me, I can tool around the internet for a few minutes and see if anything stands out (websites, FB, LI, Twitter). There are several choices and that is what being in the moment allows you: choices, control, freedom, focus, etc. Some clients have said that they struggle to come up options, How do you broaden your options? If you were sitting at your desk (as I am doing right now) lets say to write something your mind immediately goes blank, followed by OMG I have writers block, what is wrong with me, I need to get this done now, I don’t have time to do it later…see if you can stop for a moment and come up with 1 additional option that will move you forward. Uh, yeah, I could think those thoughts but they are helping me move forward?. What will help me move forward? I’ve been telling clients to press the play button not the rewind or the fast forward buttons. Maybe for now you have a standard play button: you get up and do a few push-ups or jumping jacks to remove yourself from the environment and thoughts. Mindfulness gives you the ability to be aware of what’s happening; what you are thinking and it gives you the control to move forward. Mindfulness gives you the ability to think just a little bit beyond your thoughts.

Mindfulness also helps you live in the present. It allows you to stay focused for a period of time and actually enjoy it (as I am enjoying the words on this page and feeling gratified that I was able to move forward away from being stuck to share this information with you). Mindfulness helps you realize when you’ve lost your present moment focus and gives you the ability to stay lost or bring it back. 🙂 Take 30 seconds right now and listen to all the noises around/outside of you. I hear my fingers tapping on the keys, cars in the distance, birds chirping outside of my window, a plane in the sky and some construction going on. After 30 seconds gently bring your focus back to what you were doing. I am watching the words type across the page. Now take 30 seconds to reflect on your experience. Try this several times throughout the day. For me. it’s mindful, present, focused and calming. It’ll help you realize that there are differently levels of focus and that you have control over where you place your focus. It will also help you be aware of your presence. It’s grounding and affirming. You will begin to realize that when you are present and mindful you can do whatever you want to do and get whatever you want to get by making smaller adjustments. For example, your brain starts yelling at you, yell back and bring yourself back to what you were doing but make what you are doing the most important thing.

The birds are still chirping, my neighbor is moving something around her house and my fingers are still tapping on the keyboard and I am back to watching the words flow across the page. For me in this moment there is no emotion. I pressed play and am moving forward in and out of narrow focus and broad focus but both are me being present. Try it!

Happy day!

Dr. Michelle

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