Diary of cyclist-the end of a journey

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This is the last correspondence I had with this athlete. If you’ve been reading the progression over the past 8 or so weeks you’ve seen the openness, awareness and progress this elite athlete made during out time together. The shift in thinking [alone] was huge for her. One of the biggest ways you would have seen this show up was in her ability to change coaches. This had been a big obstacle and challenge for her but once she developed awareness around how her old coach was holding her back and aware of all the other ramifications, she was able to do what she needed to do; even though it was still hard for her.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey. These are the fabulous journeys that I am fortunate enough to take with athletes and people everyday!

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Dr. M: Thanks so much for your heartfelt email! It’s so exciting to see the growth you continue to make and to see how OPEN you are.

Here is what I want you to do…read and re-read this over a few times and tell if you have any more thoughts about what you’ve written. It seems to me that you are pretty clear.

And then we can talk more about ‘fear of failure’. What does failing mean to YOU (not the perception you have from what others think)? And again what would you tell a friend who was afraid of failing?

G. you continue to do an amazing job with all of this! I really respect how much work you’ve done in a short amount of time and how far you’ve come.

Have a GREAT weekend!

G: Hey Michelle, I just downloaded your CD. I will try the journalling. I think I do too much negative thinking and would like to work on catching it as you said. Helping to believe in me a bit more. Thanks for putting that on the site!  🙂

Dr. M: Hey G.

That’s great! It’s just the basics but it’s a great start. If you have questions about anything on the CD please let me know.

You and I have already worked on expanding a lot of the concepts but there are other things that we haven’t talked about.

Good luck with that and again let me know if you need anything.


Happy Saturday!

Dr. Michelle

Photo credit: murketing.com

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