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I currently feel really good about the work I am doing with clients. All of my regular clients seem to be moving in the direction that produce positive and success results for them. They have all worked diligently to get to where they are and I am super happy for them on their progress.

I don’t remember feeling this good

This week one of my client said that she’s feels better than she ever has and she’s been competing as an elite athlete for a over a decade. Even though she’s had some mental challenges throughout that decade around training and competing she still competed at an elite level. During that time she didn’t have the chance to work on her mental performance. In 6 months so many things have changed for her. She’s had the motivation to make the necessary mental performance changes. She is now an improved elite athlete. She’s happy, more confidence, feels more in control, energized, positive, etc. She now has the mental skills taking her to a new level of elite and she is enjoying it. The motivation she has always exhibited is paying off for her and in a big way.

The impact of support

My client is sweet, nice and conscientious and she thanked me for ‘helping’ her. While I appreciate the kudos I told her that I didn’t do much of anything. Yes sure I introduced some new coping techniques. She didn’t have to use them but she did. I also introduced her to a variety of different perspectives. She didn’t have to shift her perspective to try and see things differently but she did.

Sometimes you need other people’s help to be able to see things that are just beyond your grasp, differently. Sometimes you need other people’s help to come up with different ways of dealing with situations. You probably act, respond and deal with (all) things similarly. You might not be aware that this happens and that there are other ways to act, respond and deal with things. This is not your fault. At a young age you learned how to act, respond and deal with things. As a kid there was no conscious way of knowing whether what you were learning was ‘the best’ thing for you. Maybe it was the best thing for you when you were younger but is the best thing for you now?

Conscious process

Mental training is not only helpful for elite performers. It’s helpful for everyone. Think of it as a blueprint for living life. It’s a conscious process of discovering what’s working, what’s not working, what is getting in the way and developing a new plan so that you get what you want. Not only can you get what you want but you can learn to enjoy the process. It’s a life long process but once you develop the skills to build confidence, increase motivation, decrease anxiety, be more positive, take more control, etc. those new skills are yours. Not only does mental training allow you to get what you want in your life now but it allows you to to change and adapt whenever necessary to always get what you want.

With just a little bit of hard work you too could feel the best ever!

Happy weekend!

Dr. Michelle

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