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SHINE For SportsThe world really is full of people doing good things and I am fortunate enough to be a part of many of those good things but am particularly excited about my relationship with Rhea Subramanian who’s is the founder and creator of SHINE For Sports. She is doing amazing work and for an amazing cause.

SHINE was created by Rhea (Girl Scout Troop 32015) for her Gold Award, to address the alarming increase in sports-related injuries in the adolescent age group. These injuries can have lifelong consequences, yet they can be prevented by educating athletes on how to navigate their most injury-prone years. We are bringing together medical experts, public officials, players and families, to learn more and act, so athletes can avoid these early injuries and improve performance (Macaroni Kid).

On Sunday I was asked to speak at Rhea’s first event which was held in Redwood City sponsored by the Red Morton Community Center. It was amazing! It was free for Female soccer players 9 to 17 years old, and their families. She got several medical experts, athletic trainers and physical therapists to come speak about injury and of course I was there to speak about the psychology of overcoming an injury. Attendance was great!

I applaud Rhea for wanting to give back to other athletes by helping to educate them and their families on injury prevention and overcoming injury. Rhea is doing great things in the world and talking about a topic that not many want to talk about.

Injury is not just physical. There are a lot of emotions attached to an injury and they are as important to deal with as the physical aspects. For athletes the psychological side of injury (fear & lack of confidence) can be career ending.

Please check out Rhea’s website:

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Dr. Michelle

Dr. Michelle Cleere
In her own private practice as an elite performance expert, Dr. Michelle Cleere helps top athletes, musicians, and executives in competitive fields unlock the power of the mind and create the mental toughness to be the best. Dr. Michelle’s extensive academic background, which includes a PhD in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Sports Psychology, allows her to help clients deal with performance anxiety, gain more confidence, and build resilience. In addition to personal coaching, Dr. Michelle takes on many roles – a best-selling author, athlete, and teacher. Dr. Michelle’s bestseller line, Beating the Demons, helps clients develop practical skills to gain more control over competitive environments and mitigate the interruption in play to overcome intense odds and defeat adversity. As a 15-year USAT Coach, she developed simple and effective tools to mentally train her athletes, and they are used by coaches around the world. She is a professor at John F. Kennedy University where she teacher her students to use the mind as an ally to improve performance.
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