Mental Moment-athletes can learn to turn resistance to feedback into something positive


Many athletes tell me that the relationship with their coach is a challenge. The coach doesn’t communicate, they send mixed messages or the feedback is harsh and negative. I am going to talk a bit about the latter. Feedback can be difficult to hear. No one wants to hear that they are doing something ‘wrong’ particularly when we live in society where everyone is trying so hard to do everything ‘right’. We are all striving for perfection. Even though we know we need and should expect to get feedback there are times when we don’t like to hear it. The … Continued

Mistakes provide important feedback

Mistakes in tennis

Have you felt those feelings of regret that come along with making a mistake? It’s common to feel a sense of frustration and anger after making a mistake particularly in a sport like tennis where you are responsible for every shot and there is no one else to blame . For example, if your first serve doesn’t go in, you’ve made a mistake, it’s your fault and you will usually respond in a negative way. Pro’s and Amateurs make mistakes Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, on your best day, you could make dozens of mistakes during the match: … Continued