Mental Moment-grief in performance

Grief comes in many forms. Usually what most people think of as grief is in dealing with sickness or death however in life and in performance there are many other forms of grieving but the way you deal with it is similar. In performance situations, performers grieve in situations that include the following: accidents, injury, loss of money, loss of status, ‘losing’ a race, game, audition or event, not playing, being cut and transitioning out of their sport. I find in my work with clients that grief in some situations is easier to deal with than others but it doesn’t … Continued

Mental Moment-psychologically proactive

Last night, I was fortunate to be able to give another lecture at SOLPT I got to talk with a group of people recovering from injury and explain some of the psychology behind injuries. What a highlight it is for me to talk about how an injury is more than physical and that coping with it, is very mental & emotional. People don’t really know this stuff. Sure people understand that pain involves shedding a tear and an occasional four letter word but there is a much larger connection between an injury and what goes on mentally & emotionally. There are … Continued

Mental Moment-injury

An injury is always a surprise. We don’t know that we are going to get injured and we don’t expect it to happen. Unfortunately sometimes it still does. It’s important to deal with the emotions around an in joy. Getting injured As I said, an injury is never expected. When something happens in your life that isn’t expected what comes with it? People go through Kubler-Ross’s  stages of grieving: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Kübler-Ross noted that these stages are not meant to be a complete list of all possible emotions that could be felt, and, they can occur … Continued

Mental Moment-lessons in being sick

I have been sick on my vacation but it provides a lesson in doing the right thing and listening even more closely to what my body is saying. For me there are many mental hurdles in going from being a very active person to not being active at all. Besides getting the flu there are other situations that elite performers should work on developing the ability to take care of youreself: injury, illness and burnout being a few. Taking care of yourself Sometimes the the most difficult thing for people is to take care of themselves and as an elite … Continued

An injury is more than physical

It is estimated that 3 to 17 million adults and children are injured each year in the United States in sport, exercise, and recreational settings. This means that you might be an injured athlete at some point in your career. Although physical factors are the primary cause of injury, psychological factors also contribute. Recent evidence shows that managing the psychological factors associated with injury and dealing successfully with stress that might contribute to injury, are equally important to rehabilitation and injury prevention. Because of this, it is important to understand the psychological responses to injury and how mental techniques can help … Continued

What will Radcliffe need to do mentally for London 2012

Paula Radcliffe

Paula Radcliffe is on her way to another Olympic’s after making Britain’s team for the 2012 Olympic Games. Although Radcliffe has had many career successes she has also had many challenges due to injury. Generally when a runner sustains multiple injuries during a career this is because her body is breaking down due to over-training. Successes Paula Radcliffe has been running for a long time. At 38 she’s had a lot of experience running which has led her to a lot of success. A marathon world champion in 2005, three-time winner of the London Marathon and three-time champion of the New … Continued