Mental Moment-an exercise in visualization


Some people are better than others at visualizing. Some people believe that they cannot visualize, but what they are actually experiencing is the inability to visualize on demand. Everyone has experience of dreaming, and dreams are just visualizations, so the ability is there. You just need to develop it. If you cannot visualize colors or you only get words or feelings don’t feel you have failed or that you have to try extra hard. Just use a visualization technique that allows your mind to drift and see whatever your mind lets you see. Everyone can learn to visualize. For example, … Continued

Mental Moment-imagery part II


*Part I & II were written for tennis players but the same applies to all performers. When to use imagery Use snippets during the day whenever you have a moment, particularly in times when you are thinking about practice or competition, more particularly when you are having anxiety or thinking negatively about practice or competition. Incorporate imagery into your dreams. Thinking about imagery prior to going to sleep will help it to remain fresh in your mind and allow the sub consciousness to carry it over into your dream state. Use imagery as part of a pre-practice/pre-performance routine. A pre-practice/pre-performance … Continued

Diary of a cyclist-focus

Focused female cyclist

G: Well here is where I lie. I have been working on my focus, I have been working on my affirmations and visualization with CDs as well. I have been doing the concentration exercises on your site and can stare at the black dot for 4 minutes. The numbers chart…you got me! Not even getting better at that one! The reason for now that 4 minutes is my goal is that I am training for the national track pursuit on Sept.9th. I want to do it in 4-4:10 minutes. It is hard to focus during the whole event. I can’t picture … Continued