Where does mojo come from?

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Specialized_road_bikeMost of us can relate to the word mojo. Among several other definitions of mojo dictionary.com says that it is our power and charisma. In this sense of the word what it means is that we have power over others based on our charisma. What’s charisma? Charisma is our personality, charm and presence. What do these elements have to do with my mojo and how I perform?

The fact of the matter is, building your charisma does give you more power. It helps you feel more confident which in turn helps you perform better. Most of work with clients is helping them to cope more efficiently with thoughts and emotions. I help clients build mojo from the inside. I also help them build mojo on the outside so they move through the world in a confident way. What does it look like for you to move through the world in a confident way? How do you show up? How can you show up differently? What is does your body language say? How can you slightly change your body language to look more confident?

One of my clients who is a triathlete struggling with confidence came in for a session. She was talking about a triathlon she had just competed in. She said, there was a woman next to her in the transition area who had a top of the line bike and gear. She watched the woman warm up and said that she seemed really confident: she walked talk, shoulders back, smiled and was friendly to everyone. We spent that session talking about what external mojo looks like and how she can start to achieve it; aside from the fanciest bike and gear.

Come to find out, the other woman had won this race the year before. She was good but even before she showed how good she was, my client could see it. The next race she showed up differently: she walked talk, shoulders back, smiled and was friendly to everyone. Guess what happened? Her performance dramatically improved. She showed up with more mojo (power) which increased her confidence. Her confidence increased partly because she showed up differently and but also because of how others responded to her.

We used to think that personality couldn’t be change but in fact it can be. You can increase how friendly you are. It might not be ‘comfortable’ for you but you can work on being more outgoing. If you were born with an elevated level of anxiety (trait anxiety) you improve how you deal with situations (state anxiety) particularly those that produce a lot of anxiety. You can learn to show up with your mojo and it’ll help fuel your confidence.

If you need help building your mojo, contact me: drmichelle@drmichellecleere.com

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