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Strengthen your mind. Strengthen your game.

Mental toughness gives top players the competitive advantage to ensure they are in the winner’s circle more often. Training your mind to deal with nerves, to mitigate anxiety, to leave mistakes in the past gives you the power to reach your peak performance.


The Problem

Does this sound familiar?

“OMG I double faulted. What is going on with my serve?”

“I can’t believe I missed that shot. How did I miss that?”

“Why didn’t I move my feet? What is wrong with me?”

“I am so tense. Now I am down a set and there’s no way I am going to get back in this match.”

You’ve trained so hard to win but you struggle to play like you practice, you feel tight, and your mind isn’t present. You can’t let go of the last match or the last set. These are the demons inside of you trying to sabotage you from playing your best match.

Gain back your confidence and take control of each moment that counts the most! Now it’s time to focus on your mental skills as much as you do your tennis swing.

Tennis Psychology Coaching

Professional tennis players consciously incorporate habits and routines into their matches to help them focus. Establishing routines helps tennis players stay out of their head (away from the demons) and focus on playing tennis.

When tennis players can focus and be present before a match, before a serve and between points they are able to have control, move around the court with ease, play offensive tennis and let go of mistakes.

Effective moments that set you up for success include a pre-performance routine, pre-serving routines, and refocusing in between each point. Having routines allows you to have control and be in the moment.

Dr. Michelle knows tennis and wants you to win more matches without working harder:

  • Works with all levels of tennis players – professional, college, and junior tennis players
  • Partners with the U.S. Professional Tennis Registry
  • Serves as a certified tennis official

Beating the Tennis Demons

Every time you step on the tennis court to play the devil shows up, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s a tournament or maybe it’s just a tough practice? Read this book to be mindful of each shot and win more matches!

Bestseller in one day! Designed for professional, elite, and junior tennis players.

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Real results for real people

Case Study: Pro Tennis Player Overcomes Persistent Feelings of Pressure


Sally* had been a top ranked college tennis player, but had fallen into a losing streak since making the transition to pro. In our first session together, we uncovered that she was mourning the loss of her college team which she believed had been a partial source of her success. She was motivated by the camaraderie, her coach’s support, and the fans. Without the team environment, her confidence and motivation faltered. She felt lost, worried and afraid much of the time.


Our first step was to examine the grief that was present. Simply acknowledging its presence helped disarm the feeling. In our sessions together we were able to separate the feelings of sadness from self-doubt. We worked on what was in Sally’s control and helped her seize control. We identified healthier, more sustainable motivations (e.g. the way that playing made her feel strong). We worked on beating her demons by developing a pre-match routine, a pre-serve routine, and a routine to help her stay present and away from dwelling on mistakes between points. We also developed a practice of “leaving it all on the course” in which she dialed down pressure to win by focusing on giving each ball 100%.

We meet weekly via Skype to evaluate progress and make adjustments, with texting before and after matches.


In four months of mental coaching, Sally’s rankings went from the high 600’s to the low 120’s. She started winning tournaments and getting international recognition. Our work together continues to both fine-tune and address new challenges.


We developed a personalized mental toolkit just for Sally which included:

  • A visualization of her playing confidently practiced just before bed and first thing in the morning to strengthen self-confidence
  • A pre-match routine to focus the mind and quell anxiety at the start of a match
  • A pre-serve routine to allow use of her muscle memory
  • A “between ball” routine to maintain focus, sense of calm, and reset between each point
  • A simulation training program in which anxiety producing conditions are practiced
  • A series of affirmations to disarm persistent self-doubts and negative projections

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.


Learn more about Dr. Michelle’s approach and proven philosophy that helps elite tennis players transform their struggles into outstanding performances and winning more matches. Her process uncovers the root of the problem BEST and empowers players to control each unique scenario.

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