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The human brain is the most complex organ in the human body, and we tend to just let it do its thing and not train it. You hire great people to do what they do best to get the job done right, but you take on the daunting task to manage yourself in response to crushing stress. The ability to adapt to change and issues in our environment is the key to survival, and learning this type of behavioral flexibility is critical.


The Problem

Does this sound familiar?

“I’m so overwhelmed, how do I deal with this?”

“My frustration got the best of me today.”

“I can’t trust anyone. What if I make a terrible decision?”

“OMG, the stock crashed and everyone is looking at me for answers.”

You know the job, you’ve been doing it for years but as an executive, your stress has sky-rocketed and everyone relies on you. And at the top of the list are the conflicting pressures from many different groups, departments, and probably the most important, work-life balance.

These are the demons inside of you trying to sabotage you from leading at your best.

Executive Psychology Coaching

Now it’s time to focus on your mental skills as much as you do on your business strategy.

You can sideline your frustrations, pause to keep the big picture top of mind, and lead your people effectively. You can better navigate the issues you face today and create opportunities for the future. You can learn how to beat the “demons” so that you can confidently make the tough decisions to achieve the goals you have set.

Coaching the most elite performers with sport psychologist techniques, she is passionate about the personal fit between you and her so as to have a comfortable relationship that allows for a more intense focus on your capacity to process this critical mental training.

If you have already tried to take this on yourself but continue to feel more overwhelmed, it’s time to change your approach. Let’s talk about your job and your challenges and create an action plan.

As a leader in business, Dr. Michelle understands the pressures associated with being responsible for an organization’s success, as well as, employee productivity and their happiness. She enjoys working with leaders who are transitioning into more intense roles to coach them to be their best at work and at life.

Real results for real people

Case Study: Professor Advances Career and Finds Work-Life Balance


Albert* came to me because he wanted to move up in academe and was applying for leadership positions. He was concerned about maintaining a work-life balance and struggled with confidence even though he had interviewed at several Ivy League schools. He wasn’t feeling negative but not good enough to land a job at an Ivy League school. He was feeling overwhelmed because he didn’t want to take a job that wasn’t going to allow him time to do his extracurricular activities.


We initially discussed why he wanted to move, why now, and did he have to make the change. It quickly became obvious that this was the right move and it had to happen now given the life of an academic. We worked on redefining his self-vision, ideals for success, and objectives. We also strengthened his decision-making process, time management skills, and focus. We talked about ways he could maintain his work-life balance and discussed the reality of a new job and the effort needed for success.


Over the course of a few months, Albert landed a new position with a prestigious University in which he took a leadership role. And we created a plan to help him balance work with life to positively advance his professional responsibility and enjoy his activities outside the office.


We developed a personalized mental toolkit for Albert that included:

  • A plan to build confidence by identifying the positives and building on successes
  • A way to reframe negativity in order to disarm persistent self-doubts and negative projections
  • Mindfulness exercises to help build awareness and increase focus
  • A calendar scheduling system that included structured time, unstructured time and daily tasks
  • A control gauge that helped him to determine what he was in control of
  • Daily routines that helped him to be more productive so he had time for extracurricular activities

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

  • By any objective measure, my athletic career was wildly successful, but I wish I could time travel and do it all over again with Dr. Michelle on my team. It’s stunning to see what happens when you shine light on your strengths, passions, and personal power, and I wouldn’t have truly figured that out without Michelle’s brilliant questions or personal example.

    Professional cyclist and author
  • Dr. Michelle is that rare professional who can help you help yourself. She is genuinely dedicated to each and every person she interacts with. Her style is refreshingly real and inspiring!

    L.J. Business Professional
  • As a runner sidelined by injury, I found Dr. Michelle encouraging and helpful. She had a down-to-earth style, was very approachable, and obviously knew her stuff. Dr. Michelle has a process that works. Her sessions are productive, actionable, and, many times, enjoyable. Her insights helped me to discover that what had been holding me back were negative beliefs about myself that I had grown up with, and she helped me to replace these with new beliefs about myself that were both positive and better resonated with me.

    L.B. Business Professional


Learn more about Dr. Michelle’s approach and proven philosophy that helps top executives transform their daily battles into creative and strategic plans. You will have a more clear direction for your organization, your people, and your personal life.

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