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Mental coaching cultivates a strong mind-body connection for peak performance

Performance psychology coaching

Unlock the power of your mind to perform at your full potential. You have worked so hard to perfect your talent and somehow you now struggle to play your best and face lack of confidence, anxiety, or maybe failure to focus. You know how to manage your physical side but how do you condition the mental side? How do you train your brain to deal with losing? Dr. Michelle helps you bring the two together and build a strong foundation to reach your goals.

Dr. Michelle recommends the best path for you to get the results you want. Her consulting specializes in the following areas:



Gain the confidence to conquer
your next audition or concert.



Control your focus to win your
next game or event.  



Rise up to the challenge of becoming
a respected and influential leader.

How it works

The Compassion

Aligning the mind with the body at any time is not easy, and the conversation can be sensitive. You can rest easy though with Dr. Michelle’s “quick to connect” spirit as she will meet you where you are to ensure that every session is productive from start to finish. You can trust that she understands the challenges you are facing. She connects with you, and also with the battle that goes on in your mind as you try to deal with the unrelenting fight to win. As  a mental toughness coach, you will benefit from her insights working with such a diverse group of elite performers.

The Process

It’s not just about the mental process. It’s about combining the mindfulness with your performance and competition to create a positive synergy. Her sport psychologist methodologies increase awareness and knowledge of cognitive behavior strategies you can use to transform what is holding you back. She works with you to put concrete systems in place so they are an ingrained part of who you are and what you do to get the results you want in your performance.

You can get the results you need to be more resilient and consistently perform at your best by recognizing the important part your mind plays in the game. Explore the different problem areas and how you can change it into your magic bullet:

Transform nerves into focus & confidence

Transform nerves into focus & confidence

Overcome performance anxiety.

Self-imposed pressure, not playing like you practice, losing, and other struggles can trigger a lack of confidence that can be startling and overwhelming. You can overcome your anxieties through exploration and resolution of the underlying cause, and how that affects your performance.

Transform negativity into mindfulness & neutral thinking

Transform negativity into mindfulness & neutral thinking

Disarm negative thoughts.

The body listens to the mind. Your thoughts have immense power: both positive and negative. You can learn to identify and disarm negative thoughts that are creating negative results. Together, we develop positive imagery that is tailored to your personality, goals, and situation so that you can think more neutral and perform at your best.

Transform distractions into focus & control

Transform distractions into focus & control

Be present.

Pressures and stress are insidious forces that can sap your energy and ability to focus. All elite performers struggle with powerful distractions at various points in their career: fatigue, pain, fear, boredom, family conflict, etc. Together, we develop strategies and skills to defuse the distractions that affect your performance.

Transform burnout into motivation & goal-setting

Transform burnout into motivation & goal-setting

Move beyond burnout.

The degree of commitment required of elite performers makes them particularly vulnerable to burnout. You can learn to calibrate your motivations, clarify your objectives, and negotiate life priorities so that you perform consistently and feel accomplished.

Turn injury into control & confidence

Turn injury into control & confidence

Rebound from injury or hiatus.

Making a comeback isn’t easy. Often the temptation is to go full power right away, but this approach is more likely to result in setbacks rather than progress. Move too fast and you are ripe for a re-injury or a beating to your self-confidence. Create a strategy to finely tune your practice and mindset for a smooth and confident comeback.

Your Peak Performance System & Mental Toolkit

Create an elite mind for your elite body.
We work together to develop a personalized mental toolkit which typically includes pre-performance routines, mental imagery, training simulations, cue words, and other techniques to focus the mind and achieve peak performance.

Make a commitment to work on your potential.
Everyone is in a different place but typically it can take up to 24 sessions to make a real impact and allow the mind to change behavior. This gives you time to work on practical skills and ensure they stay with you.

Real Values

Guided by a passionate mission and a strong set of values, Dr. Michelle empowers elite performers to deal with the demanding pressures of competition and turn pure frustration into confidence.

Real people

  • There comes a point in every athlete’s career when you realize all the training in the world won’t get you to that next level. Your mind is getting in the way of your performance. To get to the next level in my Olympic career I received the help of Dr. Michelle Cleere. She gave me the tools necessary to overcome distractions, barriers, and setbacks as well as the tools I needed to capitalize on my strengths making me a better, stronger athlete.

    Tracy B. Two-time Olympian
  • By any objective measure, my athletic career was wildly successful, but I wish I could time travel and do it all over again with Dr. Michelle on my team. It’s stunning to see what happens when you shine light on your strengths, passions, and personal power, and I wouldn’t have truly figured that out without Michelle’s brilliant questions or personal example.

    Professional cyclist and author
  • Dr. Michelle is that rare professional who can help you help yourself. She is genuinely dedicated to each and every person she interacts with. Her style is refreshingly real and inspiring!

    L.J. Business Professional
  • Dr. Michelle is a velvet hammer and has the ability to help you pull the best out of yourself and achieve your peak performance…whoever you are and wherever you start.  

  • Confidence is one of the most important mental tools that a person can have. Dr. Michelle helped me to find my confidence again and overcome the mental challenges that were preventing me from achieving my goals. She gave me tools to recognize the things that I could and couldn’t control in my life. Dr. Michelle is to the mind what Muhammad Ali is to boxing. She has perfected ways of helping you overcome your mental challenges.

    Lanny B. Three-time Olympian
  • I just took a contract for the summer working with Cirque du Soleil in Turkey! I owe SO MUCH of my success, confidence, and drive to achieve to Dr. Michelle. She helped me deal with and understand my own demons and surpass them.

    Eve D. Artist & Aerialist
  • I went to see Dr. Michelle because I had some mental roadblocks preventing me from performing my best. I was amazed at how it not only helped me in sports, but also how it transformed my life in everything that I do. Within a few months I was overcoming roadblocks that I thought were too big to overcome.

    Denise M. Cyclist
  • Dr. Michelle taught me even when things go wrong or I have a bad run they aren't life-ending or anything that will even carry into the next day's training. Also noting the good things about a workout has been huge! It's really got me focusing on the positives that are coming out of my training and it's lead to me being more positive going into workouts. I haven't been this happy during my runs in a long time! Dr. Michelle's advice is amazing.  



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