A different way of thinking

Empower your mind and see things from a new angle

Built on personal values

Guided by a passionate mission and a strong set of values, Dr. Michelle empowers elite performers to align the mind with the body to deal with the demanding pressures of competition and turn pure frustration into confidence. Her vision is to be the world’s most respected performance psychology coach and teach high performers worldwide to be resilient, perform more consistently, and enjoy doing what they love to do.


Trust is essential in each unique scenario and respected in every relationship.


Authenticity is the unimpeded actions of my true self and critical for success.


Can-do attitude and teamwork accelerate change and create value.


Diverse experience and expertise enhances creativity to solve complex problems.


Plain and simple, I welcome you as a friend and meet you where you are.

Driven by client success

Dr. Michelle is a dedicated expert in the field of sport psychology with an intense focus on your unique situation and you as an individual. You will experience:

  • A friendly, warm approach that allows for open, engaging, and comfortable conversation
  • Her insights from many diverse and elite groups of athletes, musicians, and executives
  • Research–based methodologies that meet you where you are and are customized for you
  • Support and flexibility to combat your constant frustration as well as the latest pressures
  • A different way of thinking to empower your mind and let the body follow


Get on top of your game! Dr. Michelle’s Resource Library includes her best-selling line up of books, Beat the Demons, free ebooks, as well as, audio of her in action. Explore these free resources and learn more about the performance psychology process.


  • By any objective measure, my athletic career was wildly successful, but I wish I could time travel and do it all over again with Dr. Michelle on my team. It’s stunning to see what happens when you shine light on your strengths, passions, and personal power, and I wouldn’t have truly figured that out without Michelle’s brilliant questions or personal example.

    Professional cyclist and author
  • Dr. Michelle is that rare professional who can help you help yourself. She is genuinely dedicated to each and every person she interacts with. Her style is refreshingly real and inspiring!

    L.J. Business Professional
  • Dr. Michelle is a velvet hammer and has the ability to help you pull the best out of yourself and achieve your peak performance…whoever you are and wherever you start.  


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