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Through her books and consultations, Dr. Michelle helps hundreds of athletes and trailblazers who compete in sports, entertainment, and real world business leadership that require a high degree of mental endurance and toughness in their special talent.

Transform any chaos or fear keeping you off your game and experience the exhilaration of sheer determination and confidence beyond your imagination.

Beating the Tennis Demons™

As seen on the Boston Globe, LA Daily and Wall Street Select, this best-selling book is designed for professional, elite, and junior tennis players.

In Dr. Michelle’s research, she discovered the key moments in tennis that had the greatest impact on the player, and where the demons could jump in and sabotage the game, set, and match. These prime opportunities are the foundation for Beating the Tennis Demons System where she creates change in the shortest amount of time.

Experience improved focus, better consistency, increased confidence, less tension and the ability to move around the court more fluidly.

“I attended one of your online webinars through USPTA about the three secrets for beating your tennis demons (VERY good, by the way!).”
– USPTA certified tennis coach

Beating the Golf Demons™

This best seller is for professional, college, and Q School golfers.

Beating the Golf Demons is for golfers who want to get out of their head, lower their handicap and win more tournaments. In her sport psychology work with golfers, she quickly came to understand how passionate golfers are about lowering their handicap.

However, that passion showed up in emotions that sabotage their game. She discovered the factors that had the greatest impact on most elite golfers and where she could make changes in the shortest amount of time. The Beating the Golf Demons System helps golfers recognize the triggers and focus on playing their game.

Learn how to improve focus and consistency, increase your confidence, reduce your tension, and leave mistakes behind on the course.

Beating the Competition Demons™

This best-selling book is designed for professional, Olympic, and elite athletes who swim, row, compete in triathlons, or play team sports such as soccer, softball, basketball, football, baseball, and volleyball.

Dr. Michelle added an additional bonus step just for Beating the Competition Demons. She helps you identify the moments when you start to struggle the most when you are competing. You can train your brain to control these moments.

Learn how to control your performance with improved focus, better consistency, and increased confidence.

Beating the Audition Demons™

This bestselling book is designed for the musicians who deal with the demanding issues they face as performing artists.

Whether you are stressing out for your auditions, having problems staying focused, or just dealing with nerves when performing under audience scrutiny, Dr. Michelle helps you develop the mental skills to work through your challenges.

Learn how to control your performance with improved focus, better consistency, and increased confidence.

From Here to There: A blueprint for women to achieve peak performance in sports and business

Women have the strength and the ability to rebuild the skills they need to get what they want. You know you have the potential to be great but struggle to figure out how to get there.

This interactive book is Dr. Michelle’s commitment and passion to help support women in all of their endeavors by providing them with the necessary skills to be in control, create change, and have the proper coping mechanisms.

Additional Media

Rise Up Podcast

Dr. Michelle Cleere talk makes a guest appearance on the acclaimed “Rise Up” podcast to talk about how psychology, anxiety, and confidence affect you and your work performance and how you can overcome your obstacles to tap into your maximum potential. maximum potential.


Thesis for Masters in Sport Psychology

These compiled reports uncover the thoughts and feelings of two women triathletes struggling with motivation during a triathlon. Learn how these women dealt with inhibiting external motivating factors and how they realized that the intrinsic reasons for participating were more important.


Shifting Gears: How Women Triathletes Balance Life with Sport

Training focuses on an athlete’s physical conditioning, bypassing the mental and emotional patterns which hold people back. Learn how these women figured out how to lead balanced lives outside of being an athlete in their roles as mothers, wives, friends, and girlfriends.



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