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Self confidenceWhat does confidence mean? True self-confidence – is a realistic (being realistic is very important and it’s not about someone else’s realistic expectations but your’s) belief or expectation of achieving success.Self-confidence is also: what you realistically expect to do, your innermost thoughts about your realistic capabilities and a realistic judgment about what you are able to do. Self-confidence impacts performance in the following ways:

  • By creating realistic expectations of success you lower anxiety .
  • Increases motivation by raising perceived competence.
  • Enhances concentration by eliminating distraction from negative thoughts and personal put downs.

You build rock solid confidence in 1 of 2 ways. The first way is to work directly on your confidence. You’d work on deriving confidence through performance accomplishments, vicarious experiences, verbal persuasion and arousal control. These are the areas that effect confidence and working directly on these areas does build confidence. I do this work with clients and I’ve seen it to be incredibly transforming.

On the other hand you can work on building rock solid confidence indirectly. What do I mean by that? You can have systems in place that utilize vicarious experiences, verbal persuasion and arousal control but in a different way. Mymaster class on Monday, November 24th from 4-5 PM PST does just that. I will teach you how to effectively stay out of your head and focus on playing tennis not by building confidence from the inside but building confidence from the outside. You will learn how to develop the 3 key moments that can make it or break it: pre-match, pre-serve and between points. You will walk away understanding not only why these are the 3 key moments but how to develop systems that’ll keep you out of your head (away from the demons) and focused on playing tennis. When tennis player’s can get out of their head, focus and be present before a match, before a serve and between points they are able to have control, move around the court, play freely, let go of mistakes and develop rock solid confidence. It’s just a few small mental tweaks away. Seriously.

Which way would you rather build confidence?

My master class on Monday, November 24th from 4-5 PM PST will teach you how to make these small mental tweaks. To register:

Happy Tuesday!

Dr. Michelle

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